Butterflies in the stomach…

18 April 2013 Post Comment

Akansha Ranjan Kapoor


Butterflies in the stomach….
During the fashion shows , theater or any stage performances people only get to see the Glam part of it under the bright lights and spray machines, what gets unnoticed and unread is the hard work of the entire team , including the makeup artis , hairstylist and spot boys.
One can hardly understand whats happening inside the mind and in the belly of the artist who is going to perform LIVE on stage in front of hundreds and thousands of audience.
The artist has to remember her/his lines , position on the stage entries and exits , dialogues and role and foremost to take care of the butterflies in the stomach.
I can associate to those feelings only because of my theatre background with Usha Gangully and others.
We have performed more that 200 shows of lokkatha throughout the country over a period of more than 5 years and during that the characters changed the co actors changed but what remained constant was this thin wire of tension and butterflies in the stomach on the sound of the third bell. ~ R
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