Harjot & Gurleen ~ Prewedding

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The Great Gatsby

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Some random musings about the movie

“The Great Gatsby “


The confession ~

It took a long time for me  to grasp what Mr F.scott Fitzgerald created 90 years ago spending  countless hours and what Mr  Baz luharmann made into a 143 minutes extravaganza, “The Great Gatsby “ the movie  .
Adding two extra words  ” The Great ” as an after thought was like adding extra toppings of oregano and chili flakes to a finely baked  thin crust pizza .

I have not read the novel neither I have seen the earlier version of the movie released in 1974 by Jack Clayton, though Sunil Avi and me are planning to watch it tonight.

For me as a first timer there was enough on my plate.

The Hope ~

Not a single flower from the woman named  Daisy , The love Mr Jay  kept waiting for all his life , But the author did allow him   to die in peace , in hope .
The hope, that made the man “The Great Gatsby ”
Would you mind  terribly ? If I  say “  The  hope that killed Mr Gatsby .”

The Pride in  Death ~

What can be of greater pride than dying waiting for a phone call from your soul mate to start a new life , in hope, at sunrise ,inside your own pool, pool of uncertain and unseen dreams  .
Is it  the death that magnifies life ?
Do  People remember how you died ? or do they talk about  how you lived , when you are dead ?

The Party~
We actually need only two people to begin the party and to tango .
The invitations to the entire city ceased ,the big, lavish,party times were over and the  battalion of staffs were released .
The rain drenched Mr Gatsby’s search was over after he met Daisy over a planned Tea meet at Nick’s rented house , He found his love back , at least in his mind ,and now   the  party was just between two loving souls .
He is Jay again, Mr Gatsby was pushed behind .

Jay didn’t want to run away He might have cheated many and must have lied to people . But he never lied about his love .He wanted his love to be celebrated he wanted Daisy to live with pride .His ultimate motto .
He wasn’t from Oxford but his aesthetics about love and marriage are  definitely what any one from  Oxford  would endorse .

The Large  parties and Mr Gatsby -became synonymous  .
The Mayor the Chancellor, the Beauty queens , and the party animals , they all were party to the large  parties but no body knew how lonely w Mr Gatsby was .
They all questioned from where the money came  .
They were amazed by the scale of the parties but nobody   bothered to dig deep .
It was the crowd that gathered at Mr Gatsbys parties they were not friends .

All our life we want to Party with only one person  .And when we are with that  one person , rest of the world is blurred .
Each of the quotes and dialogues in the film  represented the human character and their life  ,especially this one
“And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isnt any privacy”

I understand that  the moment there are two people there is no privacy .

The Climax ~
I believe the climax of the movie was decided much ahead , before the beginning was thought ,
The author wanted the protagonist  to die lonely .
No large and intimate  funeral for the man who threw larger than life parties when he was alive .

The End ~
The Movie was about Jay Gatsby but Mr Tom Buchanon Is the person who got it all .
He betrayed his wife he cheated Myrtle and gets away with Daisy on a  vacation in  the end .
For him it was a perfect ending but  for Daisy ??

Has Daisy forgiven herself?

 Is she able to  sleep in peace  ?
Or she is haunted by Old Sport , still looking for beautiful shirts ?
What exactly was Daisy’s dream ??

P.S – Big B  was under utilized .
What I loved ~ The Yellow sport car , The styling of the movie. Joel Edgerton, The Polo Player.

What I  wish : I wish to  capture  such work on my camera some day

Say Amen !!.

The Lensocrat
19th May 2013

Happy Mother’s day

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Happy mother's Day

Ye hai Jalwa

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Jalwa Vikash poster21_blogYesterday was all about Jalwa ~ Spent the entire afternoon capturing stolen moments for Vikash+ Ruchika . Shivansh is the new born family member. He is just 40 days old now.
And the evening was spent capturing the another NEW BORN ~ Adnan Sami , who performed live for Shivansh’s Jalwa party .
and not to mention , they both took away me heart .
God bless !!

The Jalwa Ceremony ~

Portrait Photography workshop ~

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Raj_Portrait workshop Raj at the portrait workshop

I truly beleve in the chinese proverb ” “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” …and I guess all the students at my woekshop deeply understand the same .It was so much fun sharing with you all , I hope you all had a great time and you all slept with your camera and waoke up as a better lover !! God Bless you all !!

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Happy Baisakhi

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Happy Baisakhi

Butterflies in the stomach…

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Akansha Ranjan Kapoor


Butterflies in the stomach….
During the fashion shows , theater or any stage performances people only get to see the Glam part of it under the bright lights and spray machines, what gets unnoticed and unread is the hard work of the entire team , including the makeup artis , hairstylist and spot boys.
One can hardly understand whats happening inside the mind and in the belly of the artist who is going to perform LIVE on stage in front of hundreds and thousands of audience.
The artist has to remember her/his lines , position on the stage entries and exits , dialogues and role and foremost to take care of the butterflies in the stomach.
I can associate to those feelings only because of my theatre background with Usha Gangully and others.
We have performed more that 200 shows of lokkatha throughout the country over a period of more than 5 years and during that the characters changed the co actors changed but what remained constant was this thin wire of tension and butterflies in the stomach on the sound of the third bell. ~ R

Blurred but not to be forgotten…

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R P Saab with sunil


And than he held My hand and made me walk those few steps … and what I remembered was, those famous lines by Albert Camus “Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”

Sunil ~ This is for you My friend , Blurred but not to be forgotten>

This frame photographed at the spur of the moment during the Stylefile 2009 strengthens my belief that capturing every moment will be worth it at some point in the life.

My association with RP Saab dates back to my younger days when I was in my adolescence .
I used to look after our Gupta Brothers Store in Alipore
Rp saab as you know was always very self reliant and he used to love doing things at a very personal level .What brought him to My shop was his sweet tooth and his craving taste buds for quality food . Yes he was a known foodie , A hardcore foodie .

I noticed one elderly person trying to survey the counter and decide what is good and what to order , in the meantime a chauffeur in clean vibrant white uniform came next to me and whispered ” Bade saab aye hai ” .
I immediately got up from the cash and went to him. He was standing normally at the counter along with all kinds of local customers at the shop. On asking he said if i can make him BIG size of Gulab Patti kachgolla . I nodded yes and got him made, those special jumbo size kachhagollas which later became regular and was trademarked as ” Goenka House ka special Kacha golla ”

The second part of the story is more interesting. This is about the Jhaalmoori .
I introduced a very simple recipe of Jhalmoori during the stylefile using very limited ingredients .
R P saab came during the show and sampled the Jhalmoori ( His only purpose to visit the show was to check out Avarna’s Card stall ).
The show got over . The next day I got a call from Duncan house , It was Mr Anil Sangeneria on the other side his opening lines were ” Guru tum kal kya kar diya?? RP Saab ko kya khila diya ?? ” (For a moment I held my breath , Now what ?? ) Anil sensed the tension building on my side and before I could say anything he said “Arrey R P saab Ko tumhara Jhalmoori gazab ka pasand aaya ” Ab jaldi se dus aadmi ke liye parcel banao Bombay bhejna hai ek ghatey ke ander ”
And there was no stopping after that , sending Jhalmooris in the pearlpet jars along with the cones and Chutneys costed more than the Moori itself , but it had became a ritual by then .
It was not the Jhalmoori , It was the thought behind the Jhalmoori . It was all about LOVE and Caring .
For R P saab the smile on the other persons face was more important than anything else on the earth .
His Life was always about giving and caring, He cared for everyone and he was never short of Love.
Rest in peace RP Saab We will miss you .
all rights reseved : Rajesh Gupta