The Great Gatsby


Some random musings about the movie

“The Great Gatsby “

The confession ~

It took a long time for me  to grasp what Mr F.scott Fitzgerald created 90 years ago spending  countless hours and what Mr  Baz luharmann made into a 143 minutes extravaganza, “The Great Gatsby “ the movie  .
Adding two extra words  ” The Great ” as an after thought was like adding extra toppings of oregano and chili flakes to a finely baked  thin crust pizza .

I have not read the novel neither I have seen the earlier version of the movie released in 1974 by Jack Clayton, though Sunil Avi and me are planning to watch it tonight.

For me as a first timer there was enough on my plate.

The Hope ~

Not a single flower from the woman named  Daisy , The love Mr Jay  kept waiting for all his life , But the author did allow him   to die in peace , in hope .
The hope, that made the man “The Great Gatsby ”
Would you mind  terribly ? If I  say “  The  hope that killed Mr Gatsby .”

The Pride in  Death ~

What can be of greater pride than dying waiting for a phone call from your soul mate to start a new life , in hope, at sunrise ,inside your own pool, pool of uncertain and unseen dreams  .
Is it  the death that magnifies life ?
Do  People remember how you died ? or do they talk about  how you lived , when you are dead ?

The Party~
We actually need only two people to begin the party and to tango .
The invitations to the entire city ceased ,the big, lavish,party times were over and the  battalion of staffs were released .
The rain drenched Mr Gatsby’s search was over after he met Daisy over a planned Tea meet at Nick’s rented house , He found his love back , at least in his mind ,and now   the  party was just between two loving souls .
He is Jay again, Mr Gatsby was pushed behind .

Jay didn’t want to run away He might have cheated many and must have lied to people . But he never lied about his love .He wanted his love to be celebrated he wanted Daisy to live with pride .His ultimate motto .
He wasn’t from Oxford but his aesthetics about love and marriage are  definitely what any one from  Oxford  would endorse .

The Large  parties and Mr Gatsby -became synonymous  .
The Mayor the Chancellor, the Beauty queens , and the party animals , they all were party to the large  parties but no body knew how lonely w Mr Gatsby was .
They all questioned from where the money came  .
They were amazed by the scale of the parties but nobody   bothered to dig deep .
It was the crowd that gathered at Mr Gatsbys parties they were not friends .

All our life we want to Party with only one person  .And when we are with that  one person , rest of the world is blurred .
Each of the quotes and dialogues in the film  represented the human character and their life  ,especially this one
“And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isnt any privacy”

I understand that  the moment there are two people there is no privacy .

The Climax ~
I believe the climax of the movie was decided much ahead , before the beginning was thought ,
The author wanted the protagonist  to die lonely .
No large and intimate  funeral for the man who threw larger than life parties when he was alive .

The End ~
The Movie was about Jay Gatsby but Mr Tom Buchanon Is the person who got it all .
He betrayed his wife he cheated Myrtle and gets away with Daisy on a  vacation in  the end .
For him it was a perfect ending but  for Daisy ??

Has Daisy forgiven herself?

Is she able to  sleep in peace  ?
Or she is haunted by Old Sport , still looking for beautiful shirts ?
What exactly was Daisy’s dream ?

P.S – Big B  was under utilized .
What I loved ~ The Yellow sport car , The styling of the movie. Joel Edgerton, The Polo Player.

What I  wish : I wish to  capture  such work on my camera some day

Say Amen !!.

The Lensocrat
19th May 2013