The Lensocrat

Souls smile. Hearts speak. Eyes talk.

Shadows bring light. Images become memories.

When words fail to narrate the emotions then Rajesh picks up his lens to create his own language, a language that is made up of colours, expressions & skills. An artiste by default and a passionate by habit, Rajesh was born during the  summer of ’69 in a humble home in Calcutta. A commerce student, a theatre artiste, a compulsive cook and an obsessive photographer Rajesh believes in documenting everything in life be it flavours, emotions or reflections. “Each moment that makes life needs to immortalised,” he says.

 It was his romance with theatre that led him to fall in love with photography. The fact that he still finds it difficult to choose between the lens and the stage reflects his dedication and passion for the two arts. As a theatre artiste he experienced the depth of mundane moments and decided to capture and share that with the world through pictures.

Till date, Rajesh has performed more than 300 stage shows across the country.  It was during his theatre days that he got maximum exposure to the concepts of light and shadow & stagecraft, both front and backstage. He has worked with great masters like Tapas Sen, Usha Ganguly, Mrinal Sen and Bivash Chakraborty, who helped him gain an understanding of light compositions and blocking.

To him, every photograph is a celebration of light and every creation on the earth is a star. As a freelance photographer, he celebrates this light of life.

A self-taught photographer, he specializes in Artistic Portrait, Fashion and Food Photography. His artistic and unique style of photographing mundane things and bringing them to life can be seen in his travel and candid photography series.

In 2011, Rajesh prepared a comparative and extensive photo-essay on the cultural heritage and food habits of the people of Japan, followed by an exhibition at Four Seasons, Mumbai. Commissioned by Harry Chang on behalf of the Japan National Tourism Board and the Japan Film Academy.

He is the recipient of many prestigious international photography awards including a silver medal from FIAP for his Portrait Photography at the China 11th International Photographic Art Exhibition in 2005. His works ‘The Pregnant Tree’ and ‘Inside a Dream’  were recognized as the Jury’s Special Choice Award at the exhibition.  His recent work includes the prestigious portrait shoot of the Oscar winner lyricist Gulzaar, Pandit Chitresh Das, Amrish Puri, Mithun Chakraborty, Pandit Birju Maharaj, Pandit Jasraj, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Harsh Neotia , Sanjiv Goenka , The famous “ Art & The Artist”Calendar 2012 for Rp-Sanjiv Goenka group. Where he worked with  Master painters, Paresh Maity , Wasim Kapur, Sanatan Dhinda , Chittrovanu Mazumdar and G R Iranna , His corporate assignment includes Lafarge , Microsec Aircel and Blackbery  Ad campaigns. His editorial works have been extensively published in news dailies and magazines such as The Telegraph, ToI, The Readers Digest, Marwar, Society, Femina, Elle, JADE, Inside Outside, Savvy, The Taj Magazine, etc.

He is currently based out of Kolkata, India and can be reached here. Contacts: Rajesh Gupta Ph: +919831002369 Email: